Facilitate sustained economic growth by providing the right tools to SMEs while creating investment opportunities.

At Oxy Capital we create and support the best matchmaking between investors and Portuguese SMEs.

Excellence drives us

To always go the extra mile in search of the best solutions
Pursuing the best opportunities to investors
Empowering portfolio companies

Teamwork in everything we do

Partnering with office colleagues for increased efficiency
Partnering with investors for the best returns
Partnering with portfolio companies for maximal competitiveness

Flexibility to deal with challenging business opportunities

Finding creative ways
Maximizing value for every stakeholder

Boldness to enter uncharted territory

Innovative transaction structures
Willingness to dissent

Fun always looking on the bright side of life

By socializing daily and building relationships with colleagues
When looking for the best investment opportunities

We create appealing opportunities for investors using best-in-class talent to deliver tailor-made solutions to companies.

Responsible Investment

Aware of the ability of companies to change the world and the impact they have on it, namely the importance of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues, Oxy Capital, along with the portfolio companies, have been adopting practices leading to improved impact by promoting increased efficiency in the use of resources that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals and increased competitiveness.

Oxy Capital is currently evaluating the classification of its funds in the criteria of article 8 and 9 of the SFDR.

Oxy Capital has an Investment Team with over 25 professionals in two countries, with offices in Lisbon and Milan.