We create appealing opportunities for investors using best-in-class talent to deliver tailor-made solutions to companies.

Facilitate sustained economic growth by providing the right tools to SMEs while creating investment opportunities.


  • Fundo de Reestruturação Empresarial
  • Fundo Revitalizar Centro
  • Fundo Aquarius

Private Equity and Mezzanine Debt

  • Oxy Capital Mezzanine Fund
  • Oxy Capital II
  • Oxy Capital III

Special Situations

  • Fundo Júpiter
  • Fundo Oxy Capital Inovação
  • Fundo Juno
  • Vesta Fund
  • Fundo Cometa
  • Héstia

Public Markets

  • Fundo Liquid Opportunities A
  • Fundo Liquid Opportunities B

Oxy Capital has an Investment Team with over 25 professionals in two countries, with offices in Lisbon and Milan.