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Terms of Use

  1. Oxy Capital – Sociedade Gesora de Fundos de Capital de Risco, S.A., with registered office at Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco – Amoreiras, Torre 2, 15ºB, 1070-102 Lisboa, Portugal, registered at the Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lisboa under the single registration and VAT number 510 064 760, with a share capital of EUR 750,000.00 (seven hunder and fifty thousand euros) (“OXY CAPITAL”) is responsible for the Site.
  2. This document regulates the way in which the Site may be used and is applicable to all of its users. When using the Site, users must also consult the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.
  3. All information provided through the site is intended to provide general information and does not constitute any kind of consultancy, recommendation or advice on investments, legal matters, taxation or any other matters, nor any kind of offer or offer or solicitation to buy or sell any investments.
  4. The information provided may not be up to date or correct, and may become out of date as a result of legislative, regulatory or other alterations, and may be altered by OXY CAPITAL at any time.
  5. Users must bear in mind that any use of the Site and the information it contains is their exclusive responsibility, ad they must seek professional advice before beginning any investment process.
  6. All the information and contents provided on the site, including images, videos, texts and information, logotypes, graphic drawings and/or any other document contained on the Site, constitute the industrial or intellectual property of OXY CAPITAL and/or third parties who have authorized their inclusion. The user must not make unauthorized use of this content.
  7. Users are expressly forbidden to copy, store, reproduce, alter, transmit, divulge, commercialize or, in any other way, make available the information contained in the Site, unless for private purposes and free of charge.
  8. OXY CAPITAL may, at any time, add, eliminate or modify any of the contents of the Site.
  9. OXY CAPITAL may impede the access and use of the Site to any users who violate any provision of the present Terms of Use or any legal provisions, namely whenever it detects an abusive use of the Site by a user.
  10. OXY CAPITAL does not assume any responsibility for the content of third-party pages to which the Site contains hypertext links as it does not verify, at all times, the content provided therein.
  11. By accessing other sites through hypertext links supplied by OXY CAPITAL, the users acknowledge that OXY CAPITAL has no control over the content of these sites and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting for any consequences resulting from accessing them for any reason whatsoever.
  12. OXY CAPITAL does not guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of any information sent by users whenever this is transmitted over the Internet without additional security conditions. Access to and use of the site are subject to interference, interruptions, disconnection or other anomalies, namely as a consequence of breakdowns, overloads, line loads or other eventualities, of which OXY CAPITAL is not responsible.
  13. OXY CAPITAL will not be responsible for any damage which users may incur as a result of using the site and gives no guarantee as to the functioning and security of the same. OXY CAPITAL does not guarantee as to the functioning and security of the same. OXY CAPITAL does not guarantee, specifically, (i) that the Site will function without interruption or that it is free from errors, viruses or other prejudicial elements, (ii) nor does it give any guarantee as to the content of the Site.
  14. In the terms of the previous article, OXY CAPITAL will not be responsible for any (i) security failures, (ii) improper access to data by third parties, (iii) malware, errors, (iv) loss of data or any other damage that the users may suffer due to the use of the site.
  15. The use and content of the Site is governed by Portuguese law, the Portuguese courts being exclusively competent to settle any disputes.
  16. OXY CAPITAL may alter the present Terms of Use, freely and at any time. We therefore advise you to consult the Site, where this information will be updated at all times.       

Details of Data Processing

  1. OXY CAPITAL processes your personal data in accordance with the RGPD for the purposes described below.
  2. When the provision of personal data is a legal or contractual obligation, or a necessary requirement to enter into a contract, the consequence of not providing this information may be the non-provision of the service/conclusion of the contract.
  3. Personal data shall be processed in compliance with the principle of lawfulness – where one of the aforementioned ground is met, as described below – and shall be kept in a form which permits identification of the data subject for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed, the periods corresponding to each purpose being mentioned below.  


The Site is developed by eFront SAS, headquarters at 2/4 rue Louis David, 75116 Paris, France, which acts in accordance with OXY Capital´s instructions with respect to the protection of personal data, without prejudice to the fact that other IT service providers may have access to the personal data processed through the Site.

To enable Oxy Capital to perform all of its duties and provide you with the best possible service, it may need to communicate or give access to their personal data to other entities.

OXY CAPITAL will only communicate or give access to your personal data to the following categories of entities:

  • IT support
  • Marketing and advertising services
  • Document management
  • Legal and accounting support
  • Logistical support
  • Human resources support (e.g. temporary work)
  • Public authorities (e.g. tax authorities or judicial courts)

Exercise of rights by the data subject

Regarding the processing of their personal data, the data subject enjoys the following rights, under the terms of the RGPD, as described below, which he/she may exercise at any time through the following contact [email protected].

  • Right to access
  • Right of rectification
  • Right of erasure
  • Right to object
  • Right to withdraw consent (when this is the legal ground for the processing of personal data)
  • Right to lodge complaints with the supervisory authority

Cookies Policy


  • Your personal data will be processed by Oxy Capital – Sociedade Gestora de Fundos de Capital de Risco, S.A. collective entity number 510064760, with registered address at Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, Torre 2, 15.ºB, 1070 – 102 Lisbon (hereinafter “OXY CAPITAL”), which is the entity responsible  for the Investor Website (hereinafter the “Website”), also acting as controller under the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”) i.e. is the entity that determines the purposes and means of processing personal data resulting from the use of the Site.     
  • This document (hereinafter the “Cookies Policy”) contains information about cookies and similar technology installed on users’ devices when they visit the Site and should be read before navigation begins. The user should also consult the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Definition and types of cookies

  • Cookies – or similar technology that allows access to the user’s device (for ease of use, all referred to in this Cookies Policy as “cookies”) – are files containing a small amount of information that are sent to the user’s browser from the website they are visiting, and are stored in internal memory of their device (e.g. computer of smartphone) or in their browser. Cookies allow siterecognize the device and to know, for example, the preferences and browsing actions associated with that device as soon as they visit the Website. In all other cases, this will be stored in the user’s device as soon as they visit the Website. In all other cases, this will only happen after we have obtained your consent.
  • Whenever cookies are concerned that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Website or the provision of the service, they will be stored in the user’s device as soon as they visit the Website. In all other cases, this will only happen after we obtained your consent.
  • As a rule, Oxy Capital only collects anonymous information that does not enable it to know the identity of a particular user by associating the information with a given device without, however, knowing the user’s identity
  • Cookies may be (i) session cookies, which typically expire when the user turns off the browser and whose purpose lasts only for a session, or (ii) persistent cookies, which remain beyond the session and allow the Site to recognize the device in future interactions. These cookies remain until they expire (at the end of the period set by the party responsible) ore are removed by the user.
  • There are also (iii) first-party cookies, installed on the user’s device by Oxy Capital, (iv) and third-party cookies, installed by a domain other than the one visited, by virtue of Oxy Capital having incorporated these cookies, installed by a domain other than the one visited, by virtue of Oxy Capital having incorporated these cookies in its page. These cookies involve the transmission of user information to third parties, and the respective cookie and privacy policies must also be consulted.
  • Cookies that are strictly necessary do not depend on obtaining prior consent from the user, and are essential to the operation of the website or the provision of the requested service (e.g. use of shopping cart, logging into reserved areas, security measures for bank payments). Performance and statistical cookies allow us to obtain information about how the site is used. Functionality cookies allow a user to be recognized when they return to the site, allowing some content to be personalized. Marketing cookies allow personalized marketing to be directed to the user according to their interests.

Stored Cookies.

The following cookies (or similar technology), are obligatory and cannot be deactivated, as they are necessary for the provision of the services available on the site and for its functioning.